“Turn Your Color”- The Men

Raucous New York band the Men have maintained a steady album per year clip now, all while keeping up a constant road presence. In continuing that harried tradition, the band is issuing a new EP to sit alongside 2013’s New Moon release. The soon to be released Campfire Songs as the name suggests was recorded in the glowing light of a fire. Previously cut “The Seeds” danced around the crackling fire as unobtrusive shakers steadily kept time. For “Turn Your Color” the ragged guitar approach remains, but the RPMs have been significantly reduced. “Turn Your Color” doesn’t so much slow the car down as it does pull the E-brake. A dawdling organ-like figure undergirds the entire six minute track, while the fragmented guitar playing grabs for a conclusion that can’t be reached. Vocals rise up like smoke rings in the night, only to be snuffed out by Rich Samis’ cymbal washes. “Turn Your Color” is the sound of the fire slowly dying out when the night’s still far from over.

Campfire Songs is out 10/15 on Sacred Bones Records.

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