The Brick: Faultfinder, Lazy, Vertigone, Jorge Arana Trio

Back at the end of November, (Sorry, we’re that far behind) we caught a show at the Brick featuring an ‘eclectic lineup’ to be put it lightly.  The show featured: Faultfinder, Lazy, Vertigone, and Jorge Arana Trio.

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Faultfinder’s sound is that of a really heavy thrash metal, sludge vibe.  The bass shakes everything, the screams are ear piercing and the chugging guitars bring an ominous sense of doom.

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Following Faultfinder was Lazy, a more punky, garage rock styled outfit.  Their set was a slightly more accessible than Faultfinder’s but equally entertaining.

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Vertigone was next up on the bill.  Vertigone for the uninitiated is a hip-hop artist from KC.  He has a punchy cadence that often triples against the beats creating  a unique off beat rhyme and pulse that is refreshing to hear.  He had the Jorge Arana Trio join him at the end of the set for a couple free-flowing tunes.

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Closing out the night was the Jorge Arana Trio.  The Trio adds another dimension to this already diverse lineup.  Jorge Arana the band’s namesake leads an instrumental acid jazz styled group with complex rhythms and unusual changes.  It’s truly one of the more unique bands in Kansas City.

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