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  • Celtic Mailbox

    Celtic Mailbox

    Mark & Val today with a Celtic mailbag show. Mostly new releases, but a nod to Robert Burns Day (1/25) from Andy M Stewart’s 1989 release “Songs of Robert Burns”

  • Mark & Val’s Annual Irish Fest Preview

    Mark & Val’s Annual Irish Fest Preview

    Yes, it’s that time again! The Kanas City Irish Fest is back Friday, Sept 1 through Sunday, Sept 3 and Mark & Val are here with our annual preview featuring […]

  • Celtic in the Heartland

    Celtic in the Heartland

    Pretty much whenever Val does a calendar, she lists the Celtic sessions happening around Kansas City. And you might be wondering what, exactly, they’re about. Well, this Sunday, Jan 29th,  […]

  • Mark & Val Celebrate the Idiosyncrasy of KKFI

    Mark & Val Celebrate the Idiosyncrasy of KKFI

    With no Program Director or Executive Director to determine our content, KKFI is a truly community-driven project. Where else can you find a station where the DJs are free to […]

  • Celtic & English Mailbag

    Celtic & English Mailbag

    Mark & Val have been rooting through their mailbag again and are delighted to bring you a collection of new to us mostly newly released Celtic and English music (yes […]

  • Waltzing into Winter

    Waltzing into Winter

    It’s too early for Mark and Val’s usual Christmas show, so we’re going to waltz into winter instead, with songs and tunes taking us from autumn through the holiday.  

  • Celtic/World/More or Less Trad Mailbag

    Celtic/World/More or Less Trad Mailbag

    Among our new-to-us finds this week, we bring you Irish music direct from Moscow from Polca in Ri’s 2021 release From Sliabh Mosco to Cathair Pheadair.  We’ll also bring you […]

  • Celtic Galicia

    Galicia is an autonomous community of Spain located in the northwest Iberian Peninsula. The area takes its name from the Gallaeci, the Celtic people living north of the Douro River […]

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