Guest DJ Certificate


Guest DJ Description

Appearing live in our studio on one of our locally produced music shows, the Guest DJ will present a playlist of their favorite tunes that they have put together for their special radio appearance.

The playlist of songs should reflect the style of music for that program. Not to worry, KKFI has plenty of eclectic programming to fit any musical style.  If we don’t then we can create a show during the Thursday Night Special.

This certificate is transferable. It makes a wonderful unique gift for that music lover in your life.

Guest-DJ-Certifiicate-Blank-w-Date-ThumbThis Donation form allows you to make an immediate financial donation to KKFI by selecting the Guest DJ donation level of $150.

To make a one-time or sustaining donation visit the regular DONATE form.


  • Click Here to DONATE or Mail a Check to the address below.
  • Choose $12.50 Monthly or $150 One-Time Donation.
  • Select Gift Option – ‘Guest DJ Certificate’.
  • If you choose to share and Email, you will receive an Email with you Donation Receipt.
  • Complete donation form.


  • Go to the Online Prize Closet and choose Guest DJ Certificate. While you are there check out all of the other thank you gifts!

Once your donation is processed KKFI will mail you a Guest DJ Certificate and all of the instructions of how to redeem you Guest DJ Certificate to take over our 100,000 Watt Radio station on a locally produced music show.

Mailing address for donation by check.
Please indicate that you wish a Guest DJ Certificate as a thank you for your support.

Attn: Development
PO Box 32250
Kansas City, MO 64171

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