Six Ways to Follow KKFI 90.1 FM

KKFI 90.1 FM radio producers and programmers work hard to provide the kind of music, public affairs, and arts & culture programming you are looking for. There are 14 unique locally-produced public affairs shows, 52 music programs, and 8 arts & culture shows.

To help you follow these shows KKFI launched a new website in July 2012 that revolves around what listeners requested — more detailed information about programming. And that’s what you will find on the new site.

While the KKFI website is the best place to learn about shows airing each day of the week, there are several places you can interact with KKFI programmers and supporters.

1. Like the KKFI Facebook Page

If you use Facebook, then Like KKFI 90.1 FM Facebook Page. There are over 8000 KKFI supporters on the page. Take time to like or comment on one of our posts to tell us what you think of the programming. When you like the KKFI page, then your Facebook Friends see the page in their News Feed.

2. Follow KKFI on Twitter

Did you know KKFI is on Twitter? We follow you back — yes, you — band members, artists, poets, students, workers, KC area political activists, wide and far. Follow KKFI 90.1 on Twitter.

3. Follow KKFI on YouTube and Flickr

Add KKFI as a contact on Flickr. During ten days in April 2012 over 100 bands and performers came through KKFI studios during the annual KKFI Band Auction fundraiser. We posted 400 photos of the virtual music fest to our KKFI Flickr Photostream and YouTube Video Channel.

Also, subscribe to the KKFI YouTube Video Channel. We’ve uploaded dozens of videos, including those of studio musical performances and discussions on public affairs shows.

4. Subscribe to the KKFI E-Newsletter

Go to the KKFI website and signup for the KKFI E-Newsletter for email updates on events and activities — we send about one message every two weeks. See “join our Newsletter list” form on the right side of the KKFI home page.

5. Visit the KKFI website

Towards providing more information about weekly radio shows, KKFI has developed the new site so that radio producers and station management can write about individual episodes and events. Website visitors can now add comments to posts and episodes — try it out! Further, we’ve added a “Featured Episodes” section of the home page, which provides information on the next 3 upcoming shows. The website team thinks you’ll like that section!

We’ve changed the Program Schedule to display a synopsis when you hover over a program on the grid. And we simplified the program categories — now there are three — Music, Public Affairs, and Arts & Culture. The last category is new, and highlights our long-standing programs such as locally-produced From Ark to Microchip, Native Spirit Radio, Saba: Winds of Love, as well as national shows Bookwaves, Art of the Song and L.A. Theatreworks.

And the new website provides several places for KKFI listeners and supporters to comment on content. Try it — tell us what you think of on-air programs!

6. Listen online or on the radio —

Lastly, and most importantly, the new website provides the two key ways to listen to KKFI’s broadcast signal — the tried-and-true way to listen is on your FM radio dial at 90.1…24 hours a day at 100,000 watts in a 60-mile radio around Kansas City and through an audio streaming signal you can pick up on your computer or mobile device.

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