“Remurdered”- Mogwai

Scottish post-rock group Mogwai is returning this January with their eighth studio LP and to coincide with the announcement, they’ve released the quiet rager “Remurdered”. Barry Burns’ synth fills kick-off the collapse into a bad dream, while the guitars steadily circle in a hypnotic pattern. Slowly, the interstitial guitar fuzz becomes more pronounced, teasing impending doom like so many horror-movie cues. Synths and keyboards weather right in front of you, recalling an animal on its last gasp; drowned out by the chugging rhythm section. Martin Bulloch’s resounding drums remain the surviving heartbeat in a decaying corpse. The band’s previous album Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will serves as an appropriate appendage here. “Remurdered” (like so many horror movie villains) doesn’t die, it continually lingers in the shadows; ensuring peril is just a lumbering step away.

Mogwai returns with Rave Tapes January 21 through Sub Pop. The tracklist can be found below and you can listen to “Remurdered” here.

1. “Heard About You Last Night”
2. “Simon Ferocious”
3. “Remurdered”
4. “Hexon Bogon”
5. “Repelish”
6. “Master Card”
7. “Deesh”
8. “Blues Hour”
9.“No Medecine For Regret” 
11. “The Lord Is Out Of Control”

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