Two Heavyweights: Chris Hedges and Richard Wolff

Law and Disorder presents an interview with Pulitzer-Prize winning author and journalist Chris Hedges. His latest book Days of Destruction Days of Revolt sends a powerful message about the perils of staying on the current destructive track in post capitalist America. The book is also filled with line drawing graphics, illustrating some of the most depraved areas in the United States. The book explores what Chris describes as the country’s sacrifice zones, areas that have been torn apart in the name of greed, progress and technological advancment. These areas include the streets of Camden New Jersey, the coal fields of West Virgina, the Lakota reservation of Pine Ridge in South Dakota. This interview was recorded live during a WBAI fund raiser.  During the second half of the program,
Richard D. Wolff,  Professor of Economics Emeritus, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, brings us part two of his Occupy the Economy talk.

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