Sacred Astrology Anita Sherrill’s Story and More

Every human culture has looked to the night sky to understand itself. In the stars and planets we see order, beauty and mystery – and often a spectacular glimpse of the Divine. Cosmologist Nicholas Campsion explains why the cosmos has long been at the core of world religions.


Anita Sherrill knew she was a lesbian since she was a little girl. But reconciling her sexuality with her Christianity, and with her father, hasn’t been easy.  African-American Christian denominations run the gamut, from Baptist and Evangelical to Roman Catholic. One thing they’ve have tended to share, though, is a deeply conservative stand on homosexuality. Black pastors in particular have often been the most vocal opponents to gay clergy and same sex marriage. We talk to black two pastors about how they’ve handled the issue in their congregations.
Rev. Doctor T. Anthony Spearman, Clinton Tabernacle AME Zion Church Pastor David Roberts, Morningstar Baptist Church .


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