Peace: The Real Game Changer with James O’Dea

Hosted by: Justine Willis Toms

O’Dea has been on the front line of peace building and shares with us practical, insightful, and inspiring messages of peace. He tells us that peace is not passive; it is a dynamic force moving across the planet. This conversation includes the spiritual and scientific dimensions of peace building. On a personal level we have learn much about mind/body/health and trauma recovery. O’Dea says we must, “take it into the collective space.”  We must be able to hear the pain and suffering of others, opening to it and acknowledge the violence that has been perpetrated. Only then can true and deep healing take place. O’Dea describes it like this, “I witness the truth of what was done to you and how painful that was for you, and that opens you up to witness the pain of my story. And somehow when that depth of acknowledgment happens we are ready for a whole new story.” His deep and wide experience tells him that, “this is a tremendous moment for culture when science and spirituality come together and point in the same direction and say, health, wholeness, harmony, and well-being can be created through the inner being all the way through the systemic level.” (hosted by Justine Willis Toms)

For ten years James O’Dea was director of Amnesty International’s Washington, DC, office and was co-director of the Social Healing Project, which led him to Rwanda, Israel/Palestine, and Northern Ireland. He has been past president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and is author of Creative Stress: A Path for Evolving Souls Living. Through Personal and Planetary Upheaval (Pioneer Imprints 2010) and Cultivating Peace: Becoming a 21st Century Peace Ambassador (Shift Books 2012). To learn more about the work of James O’Dea go to or

Topics explored in this dialogue include:

  • How a much deeper peace movement is emerging beyond polarities of us versus them
  • How to stop the passing of our cultural wounds from generation to generation
  • How can we deal with the distraction of media clutter
  • How is outer peace related to inner peace
  • How can we build a field for dialogue that goes beyond blame and victimhood
  • What are the positive memes that are going viral
  • How cultivating gratefulness can lead to better health
  • How is the internet changing the dialogue

Program Number: 3442     Hosted by: Justine Willis Toms     Interview Date: 6/22/12

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