“Outlaw” Jeanne Cordova + global LGBT news

On the new “This Way Out” (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle), trailblazing lesbian-feminist writer, publisher and activist Jeanne Cordova roused the rabble “When We Were Outlaws” (and as our Steve Pride discovered, she still does)… and in “NewsWrap” (reported this week by Wenzel Jones & Natalie Peoples and produced by Steve Pride), there’s no room for GALZ in Zimbabwe, the Australian Capital Territory restores civil union rites, Singapore’s top court okays a sodomy law challenge, 10,000 parade with Pride in Prague but Cameroonian youth lead a hateful parody, and a Facebook protest predicts no political future for an anti-equality German MP.
Those stories — and more this week — when you tune in to “This Way Out: the international gay and lesbian radio magazine,” the world’s audio oasis for LGBT news and culture.
For more information about “This Way Out” please visit www.thiswayout.org.

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