Fun with Ron & Paul + The Gay Games turns 30

On the new “This Way Out” (hosted by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle), tracing the tunes and times of Romanovsky & Phillips (Dixie Treichel talks with the duo about their decades of music after they sing “The Prince Charming Tango”)… the Gay Games turns 30 (on-scene coverage from the first quadrennial event in 1982 by Debi Fidler and Joan Sprague)… and in “NewsWrap” (reported this week by Abby Dees & Wenzel Jones and produced by Steve Pride), New Zealand’s Parliament pops the question, Tasmanian lawmakers also propose marriage, a gay-affirming play is shuttered in Uganda, anti-gay/anti-woman planks signal dry rot in the GOP platform, and Christian conservatives blame gays for Hurricane Isaac.
All that — and more this week — when you discover “This Way Out: the international gay and lesbian radio magazine,” the world’s audio oasis for LGBT news and culture.
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