Bombs vs. Budgets with William Hartung & Mark Hays of Public Citizen on Citizens United

A new report entitled “Bombs vs. Budgets” examines the nuclear weapons lobby. According to Study author William Hartung:

“…the nuclear arms lobby and its allies on Capitol Hill are seeking to block reductions in systems we don’t need at prices we can’t afford.  This unnecessary spending is being pressed by some of the very same members of Congress who have argued that deficit reduction and greater spending discipline should be our top priorities.”

On the June 19, 2012 edition of Tell Somebody at 6pm, William Hartung talks about the report and the role of the Kansas City Plant in the nuclear weapons complex.

Also, in the wake of the Kansas City, Missouri city council’s resoulution in support of KC Move To Amend’s call to overturn Citizens United, Mark Hays, campaign coordinator for Public Citizen’s Democracy Is For People campaign talks about  Resolutions Week, a push by Public Citizen and partner organizations to pass local and state resolutions nationwide.

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