Quixotic Rides the Vibes

Quixotic will be appearing at the Crossroads in Kansas City on August 11th!  Vibes with Val will present them to the listeners of KKFI on Wednesday, August 8th at 10pm. Tune in for the visually and aurally stimulating radio experience.

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW on what you think of my show and what you’d like to hear or a “theme” you want me to run with on my music show.  The crazier, the better.

Thanks for tuning in to this episode.

2 responses to “Quixotic Rides the Vibes”

  1. Val, you always put on a fantastic show and give it your all. You are the reason I have one station set on my radio and it is 90.1FM. You have a huge fan and I love KKFI and all you people do with great shows like Val’s. Keep up the great job!!!

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