Program Category: Past Program – News & Public Affairs

  • A World of Possibilities

    A World of Possibilities is an award-winning one hour weekly radio program that penetrates behind the headlines to uncover the deeper meanings of events. It offers in-depth analysis, informed commentary […]

  • Bioneers


    Bioneers brings bold innovators with break-through solutions to the airwaves with our eighth annual radio series. “Bioneers: Revolution from the Heart of Nature” airs in more than 250 cities in […]

  • Dialogo Abierto

    Interviews about social-cultural, education, immigration, information. All events and matters that relate to the Hispanic Community.

  • Earth and Sky

    Earth and Sky

    KKFI listeners are treated to a 2 minute program which makes science fun and interesting, called “Earth & Sky.” Produced by radio veterans Deborah Byrd and Joel Block, this winning […]

  • Ebony’s Bones

    Ebony’s Bones

    Ebony’s Bones is a kitchen table conversation that explores the souls of black folk, as we decolonize and question everything that we’ve been told to believe. Host Ebony M. Johnson […]

  • Eclectics


    Eclectics is a (variety) music showcase. This will be the first place you will hear many local artists, as well as national and international musicians, such as Sheryl Crow, Brollywacker, […]

  • Free Speech Radio News

    A half hour evening news program that provides worldwide coverage at a grassroots level.

  • If You Love This Planet

    If You Love This Planet

    “If You Love This Planet” with Dr. Helen Caldicott delivers an hour each week of in-depth discussion about urgent planetary survival issues such as global warming, nuclear weapons, nuclear power, […]

  • Khadijah & the White Guy

    Khadijah Hardaway and Keith Washburn are both natives of Kansas City. The co-hosts are passionate about racial issues and are willing to talk about real feelings and REAL ISSUES! While […]

  • Mic Check

    Mic Check

    Note: This program ceased production with the last show on April 1, 2014. Check out Radio Active Magazine for more shows featuring local activist organizations. We are a local activism […]

  • Noticiero Latino

  • Saturday Afternoon with KKFI

    Saturday Afternoon with KKFI

    Changing Narratives focuses on providing and sharing the many facets of African Americans. As American history is being retold and reshaped to be more complete in telling the story of […]

  • Shut Up and Listen

    Shut Up and Listen

    Shut Up and Listen started when DJ6ftSam (Samuel Stueve) and Metal Man Jaye (Jaye Powers) started talking politics in the studios of Johnson County Community College’s ECAV Radio. After a […]

  • Tell Somebody

    Tell Somebody

    “Tell Somebody” is a locally-produced weekly public affairs program on the air on KKFI since September 2005.  Tell Somebody strives to provide in-depth coverage of important international, national and local issues […]

  • Unbossed and Unbothered

    Unbossed and Unbothered

    ‘Unbossed and Unbothered’ is a gathering space where all are invited to listen and be inspired to think more broadly and deeply about current issues of the day. Join us for candid […]

  • Voice of Reason

    A view of the world with the favor of reason and philosophy of pragmatic naturalism, otherwise known as secular humanism.

  • We Are Not Numbers in Gaza

    Issam Adwan is project manager of We Are Not Numbers, a program in the Gaza Strip that seeks to help young writers in Gaza hone their writing skills in English […]

  • World Affairs

    World Affairs

    A variety of programming exploring our world.

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