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  • American Routes Saturday

    American Routes Saturday

    “In the history of American radio, no series has come close to Nick Spitzer’s American Routes in exploring the many streams of this nation’s music.” — Nat Hentoff, Wall Street […]

  • Beale Street Caravan

    Beale Street Caravan, the most widely distributed Blues radio program in the world, attracts more than 2.4 million listeners each week. Produced in The Home of the Blues – Memphis, […]

  • Before the Dawn

    Jessica Thomas hosts this hopeful program

  • Blue Room Live

    Blue Room Live

    Blue Room Live is a series of live concert recording and interviews with the artists.  The object of this show is to shine a light on the fact that Jazz influences […]

  • Cat’s in the Bag

    Cat’s in the bag is a mixed bowl of nuts at a local pub or the collected pool of sweat in the middle of the floor at your favorite club.The […]

  • Coffeehouse Radio Show

    Airing contemporary singer/songwriters with the emphasis on local Greater Kansas City and surrounding areas when possible.

  • Compartiendo en Familia

    Compartiendo en Familia

    Spanish Language Public Advocacy and music. This program aired on Mondays from 9:30 to 10:30 until Dec. 27, 2021.

  • Compartiendo en Noche

    Compartiendo en Noche

    Las Tunas Latinas

  • Cool Oldies Cafe

    Cool Oldies Cafe

    The Cool Oldies Cafe features a breakfast menu of Classic Rock, Classic R&B and Jazz with a different theme for every show. This program ended in 2023.

  • Creature Power Radio

    A magical midnight adventure that takes the listener off the mainstream path of and into epochs of upbeat musical treasures rarely heard on the commercial radio. Join us in examining […]

  • Deep Threes

    Deep Threes

    Deep Threes is the weekly radio show that brings you eclectic instrumental soundscapes that fuse jazz, electronica, soundtracks, modern classical, experimental music and more. “Deep” is a nod to the […]

  • Donne del Mondo

    Donne del Mondo

    A weekly showcase of Global music by women.

  • Dr. Mike’s Early Morning Medicine Show

    Dr. Mike’s Early Morning Medicine Show

    Show description coming soon!

  • Eclectics


    Eclectics is a (variety) music showcase. This will be the first place you will hear many local artists, as well as national and international musicians, such as Sheryl Crow, Brollywacker, […]

  • Electronic Elevation

    Electronic is intended for Electro Aural Exploration, covering a diverse blend of genre melding unlike any other program available. Now finishing nearly a decade of production and growth, the show […]

  • Freeform Fryday with Arjay

    Your Friday Morning Buzz is a modern day free-form rock and roll radio show that pays tribute to the heady daze of 70’s underground FM. Progressive, psychedelic, garage, folk, and […]

  • Groove Juice Special

    Groove Juice Special

    Your host Pop Freeling starts your Sunday Morning off with a superfun show for kids and playful people of all ages. The Groove Juice will be made each week with […]

  • Jamband Junction

    “Jamband Junction” plays classic to modern Jam Band music, including Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Phish and Widespread Panic, as well as local and regional music. We also put an emphasis […]

  • Kadesh Flow and the Deshtet live from The Summer Concert at The Kansas City Museum.

  • Kansas City Rockhouse

    Kansas City Rockhouse

    The goal of this show is to pay homage to the progenitors of rock n soul music. It features “roots” music going back to the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s.  It […]

  • Larry’s Freak Out

    Larry’s Freak Out is a cyclonic experience of rock, alternative, blues and classic country. A musical journey across the tonal landscape, the combination of rock masterpieces of the 60’s and […]

  • Late Nite Level Up

    Late Nite Level Up

    Late Night Level Up, is a high energy mix of RnB and Hip Hop fusion. Capturing sounds from the newest releases as well as some classics. This is bound to […]

  • Latin Explosion

    Latin Explosion

    Latin Explosion is a musical journey through the vast world of 20th Century salsa, latin jazz and Cuban music with host Juan Montenegro. Latin Explosion originally aired daily on Chicago […]

  • Main St. Mojo

    Main Street Mojo fills the Thursday afternoon Blues slot from 4 to 6 pm with a rotating cast of KKFI DJ’s.

  • Mind The Gap

    Mind The Gap

    Have you ever gotten sick of most of the commercial EDM out there on the radio right now? Is it all starting to sound the same? Did you ever wonder […]

  • Moby’s Trip

    Moby’s Trip is a show chock full of buttery psychedelic music goodness with existential sprinkles. Its a rock-n-roll show and a breath mint recommended by four out of five doctors. […]

  • Monday Morning Buzz

    Monday Morning Buzz

    Variety, including classic rock deep cuts like Norm played.

  • Night Train

    Night Train

    Dr. Mike plays music.

  • Nocturnal Love

    Nocturnal Love

    A wide variety of music hosted by KC.  This show ended June 1, 2023.

  • Nuestra Musica

    Nuestra Musica

    With the syndicated program Nuestra Música (Our Music) we present the rhythms and folklore of Latin America, Spain and Portugal. From Tango to Flamenco and all things Latin in between. […]

  • Old G’s Hangout

    Old G’s Hangout

    “Old G’s Hangout,” said by many is second to none, and DJ Groovy Grant’s music library consists of Old School, R & B, Jazz, Gospel and some one-of-a-kind records. This […]

  • Our 6-String World

    The music I play on Our 6-String World (O6SW) will almost always be from the 21st Century with my goal to find the newest releases from around the world. It […]

  • ProgNosis


    ProgNosis is a weekly music show that features a wide variety of progressive rock music, from the genre’s earliest progenitors to the latest neo-prog acts. Recent programs have featured exclusive […]

  • Reverend Rob’s Rock and Roll Revival

    “He’s a rebel and he never ever does any good, just because he doesn’t do what anybody else does”…Reverend Rob on the mic playing the songs I know you like. […]

  • Rise and Shine

    Rise and Shine

    Music variety

  • Rock n’ Soul Jukebox

    Rock n’ Soul Jukebox

    Rock an’ Soul Jukebox presents the great songs from the days when 45 rpm records ruled the world.  Join Dan Connolly as he plays the songs that bring back memories for some and, […]

  • Sabor Latino

    Latino Music, including Tropical, Regional Mexican, salsa, Nortenas, Cumbia, Banda, Berengue, Duranguense, Bachata, and Mariachi. We also air letters and greetings that listeners send to program hosts. This show is […]

  • Show Me Mix Show

    Hip-Hop is a huge part of the artistic community in Kansas City and our mission is to recognize that very fact. The Show-Me Mix Show is a radio show created […]

  • Something, Anything

    Something, Anything

    Dr. Mike hosts an overnight music program.

  • Stormin’ Norman’s Rock and Roll Stew

    Stormin’ Norman’s Rock and Roll Stew

    Progressive, psychedelic and classic rock that’s rooted in the 70’s and still growing strong today. Featuring music from legendary, obscure and cutting edge artists that will blow your mind.

  • Sunday Start

    Sunday Start

    “Sunday Start: Night Passage” (3 a.m. to 7 a.m.) Night Passage is mostly blues music with a mix of great music from the 90 years of recorded music spanning many […]

  • The After Party

    The After Party

    This is the After Party…Kansas City (and beyond’s) place to find the best in music variety. While we focus more on jazz, blues, soul, and swing, you will likely hear […]

  • The Boogie Bridge

    The Boogie Bridge

    As host Jason Vivone explains: The Boogie Bridge was a real place in my hometown. When I was a kid, it sounded like the best place on Earth. Still does, […]

  • The Fusion Funkmeister

    The Fusion Funkmeister

    A mix of Jazz-Fusion, “Fonk” (not funk!) and old school R&B with an emphasis on bands with tight rhythm sections and dynamic horn sections. The show, hosted by Barry Jackson, […]

  • The Graveyard Shift

    The Graveyard Shift

    A mix of blues, R&B, soul, Americana, folk, bluegrass, jazz and country through the early morning.

  • The Totally Epic 80’s Show

    The Totally Epic 80’s Show

    Take a journey into the 80s with DJ Mason on “The Totally Epic 80’s Show”.  The show generates an upbeat tone dedicated to several genres specific to the 80’s music. […]

  • The Wire

    The Wire

    Kool Wayne and his crew host overnight hip/hop, news, and talk.

  • Tuesday Before Sunrise

    Music variety.

  • Tuesday Morning Buzz

    Tuesday Morning Buzz

    Music variety.

  • Tuesday Morning Medicine Show

    Tuesday Morning Medicine Show

    Dr. Mike brings us classic country, western swing, bluegrass and cowboy songs.

  • Vibes with Val

    “Come along and ride on a fantastic ride, ride slippity slide come on everybody it’s do or die” in the immortal words of Coolio. Please join me, Val Baul AKA […]

  • Voodoo Kittens

    Voodoo Kittens

    The Voodoo Kittens offer a special breed of afternoon blues entertainment. We start with the old masters and end up with contemporary blues. Along the way, the Kittens keep it […]

  • Wee Small Hours

    Wee Small Hours

    Dr. Mike plays jazz in the “Wee Small Hours” of Saturday morning.  This is a temporary program while Radio Nicopisa is on a brief hiatus.

  • WomanSong


    WomanSong is women-centered music telling stories of women’s lives, hosted by Linda Wilson

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