Program Category: Music

  • All Mixed Up

    All Mixed Up

    All Mixed Up with Peter Bochan is an eclectic mix of arts and information, featuring mood-driven music mixes and interviews with figures from the worlds of literature, film, television, theater, […]

  • American Routes

    American Routes

    “In the history of American radio, no series has come close to Nick Spitzer’s American Routes in exploring the many streams of this nation’s music.” — Nat Hentoff, Wall Street […]

  • Astral Connection

    Astral Connection

    Astral Connection is a genre-fluid array of sonic expressions, connecting to you live from the heart of Kansas City. The two best ways to put a smile on anyone’s face, […]

  • Blues Kitchen

    Blues Kitchen

    Blues Kitchen” has a large, dedicated following of Blues listeners — near and far.

  • Breaking Thru The Darkness

    Breaking Thru The Darkness

    A Spanish alternative rock and pop, with interviews, local artists and bands. The show ends with five minutes of Latino News in Spanish. Breaking Through the Darkness started in 1992. […]

  • Classical Challenge

    Classical Challenge

    ‘Dr. Mike and Mark Andruss share ‘The Classical Challenge’ and present classical music for 2 1/2 hours every Wed. 9–1130 pm. This program concentrates on music composed in the last […]

  • Dub’s Groove

    Dub’s Groove

    Dub focuses on Old-school RnB, Funky Jazz, Latin, Gospel from the 60s and 70s and how different genres can fit together nicely. If you appreciate classic and obscure rhythmic music, […]

  • Eastify


    “Eastify” is a East Asian show that focuses on bringing all genres of music right to your radio. This show is where you hear all the greatest hits and unknown […]

  • Eclectics


    Eclectics is a (variety) music showcase. This will be the first place you will hear many local artists, as well as national and international musicians, such as Sheryl Crow, Brollywacker, […]

  • Edged In Blue

    Edged In Blue

    Don’t miss a beat! Tune in when KKFI’s original rockin’ blues goddess, Wendy, hosts Edged in Blue….that rockin lil blues show, every Friday afternoon during drive time. Edged in Blue […]

  • Energy & Jams Morning Show

    Energy & Jams Morning Show

    Hiphop, artist interviews!

  • EZ Street

    EZ Street

    Bringing the positive vibes and good tunes every Tuesday morning, steady roll down EZ Street with your wiseguy, EZ Ed. Hitting all musical directions from jazz, soul, rock to blues, […]

  • Fiesta Musical

    Fiesta Musical

    Latino music.

  • First Wave

    First Wave

    First Wave returns to the genesis and evolution of Punk, New Wave, and rock n rolls liberation. It brings context to the music to understand why the genres emerged and […]

  • Foolkiller Folk

    Foolkiller Folk

    Bob and Diana Suckiel on the “Foolkiller Folk” radio show: We have been longtime supporters of folk music and we are performing musicians as well so the name of our […]

  • Galactic Supermarket

    Galactic Supermarket

    Your one stop shop for cosmic tunes from the outer reaches of the musical universe. With every installment, expect heavy doses of Experimental Electronic, House, Krautrock, Minimal Synth, Modern Classical, […]

  • Global Roots Radio

    Global Roots Radio

    The mission of Global Roots Radio is to showcase the various ethnic, immigrant and hyphenate communities in the greater Kansas City area. Global Roots is a multilingual magazine show featuring […]

  • Grateful Dead Hour: Radio’s Weekly Dose of Dead

    Grateful Dead Hour: Radio’s Weekly Dose of Dead

    David Gans is the producer and host of The Grateful Dead Hour, a syndicated weekly radio program currently airing on dozens of stations across the U.S., including most major markets. […]

  • Hallyu Wednesday

    Hallyu Wednesday

    Hallyu Wednesday is made up of two K-Pop programs which share this time slot. Halllyu is pronounced Hal-you.  Quick little definition in case some don’t know, the Hallyu Wave is […]

  • Happy Hour

    Happy Hour

    Born and raised in the Cowtown, I was weaned on the Top 40 of the 60s and came of age during the rock and roll heyday of the 70s.  The […]

  • High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio Show

    High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio Show

    The High Voltage Rock N Roll Radio show is dedicated to playing all the genres of hard rock and metal, especially obscure and independent artists, as well as unusual or […]

  • HipHop Chronicles

    HipHop Chronicles

    A Hip-Hop mix show designed with public radio in mind. HHC is built with hip-hop audio documentaries, “this day in Hip-Hop history” facts, exclusive one-on-one artist interviews, new music, album […]

  • In The Groove

    In The Groove

    “In The Groove” is an all-vinyl show that aims to celebrate the vinyl format with records spanning the 1950’s-contemporary musical artists. Funk and Soul will be the mainstays genre-wise but […]

  • Jazz Afternoon (with Jazz Geek)

    Jazz Afternoon (with Jazz Geek)

    My show usually includes birthdays of famous and not so famous jazz musicians, recent releases, local artists, interviews, and classic jazz from the likes of Charlie Parker, Miles, Coltrane, Blue […]

  • Jazz Afternoon (with Jeff Harshbarger)

    Jazz Afternoon (with Jeff Harshbarger)

    Playing the best in classic and modern jazz from the 50’s to today. From the tried and true to the latest sonic experiments, its improvisational music at its finest.

  • Jazz Afternoon (with the Jazz Canadian)

    Jazz Afternoon (with the Jazz Canadian)

    The Jazz Canadian focuses on entertainment, engagement, and information about the artists and jazz education related to this unique American form of music. The show features rare and unfamiliar cuts […]

  • Jazz Afternoon (with the Jazz Disciple)

    Jazz Afternoon (with the Jazz Disciple)

    The Jazz Disciple enriches your musical palette with tunes that speak to every generation, creed, color and ethnic background……Jazz! “Stop in for a taste to help get you through your […]

  • Jazz in the Afternoon (With the Jazz Doc)

    Jazz in the Afternoon (With the Jazz Doc)

    The Jazz Doc plays jazz from the 1940s to the present with a highlighted focus on older music. He educates the audience on lesser known artists and their compositions as […]

  • Linx Mix

    Linx Mix

    Linx Mix follows the musical journey of Mixmaster Linc from prog, art, and classic rock through electric blues, blues-rock, jazz-rock and beyond. Focusing on music that is melodically and compositionally […]

  • Live Broadcasts

    This is a series of live broadcasts on 90.1FM KKFI.  we have turned them into Podcasts for your convenience.  Each is as unique as the experience you get here at 90.1FM day […]

  • Local Showcase

    Local Showcase

    The Local Showcase features live or recorded performances of music, poetry, prose, etc. of local and regional artists. This showcase is hosted by a variety of KKFI programmers covering a […]

  • Lynn’s Beautician Blues Show

    Lynn’s Beautician Blues Show

    The format is vintage-present Blues, Jazz, R&B, Zydeco. Thanks for enjoying the DELIGHTS of Lynn’s Beautician’s Blues Show.  Lynn is great at bringing that authentic gut bucket sound of the […]

  • MidCoast LIVE!

    MidCoast LIVE!

    KKFI is proud to present “MidCoast Live!” celebrating local and regional artists from Kansas City and the surrounding area. Each week, a rotating crew of KKFI programmers will present different artists […]

  • Monday Morning Medicine Show

    Monday Morning Medicine Show

    Dr. Mike brings us classic country, western swing, bluegrass and cowboy songs.

  • Moonlight Drive

    A weekly cruise through the last 50+ years of Alternative music (Rock, Country and Americana), balancing the familiar with the obscure. We swim to the moon, climb through the tide, […]

  • Moonlight Mosaic

    Moonlight Mosaic

    Scott’s philosophy for the show is that our modern music is a constant continuum of folks building upon, blending and deconstructing everything that has come before. There is always something […]

  • Mother’s Mix

    Mother’s Mix

    Mother’s Mix, Blues with Lady D.

  • Music For Your Peers

    Music For Your Peers

    A learning exploration of new music, up and coming artists across a wide range of genres. Music For Your Peers is also about building community to showcase music and bring […]

  • Native Spirit Radio

    Native Spirit Radio

    Native Spirit provides Native American music from across the country. From Powwow music to Native American Church, traditional songs from different tribes, to contemporary style like Rock, Country, Blues, and […]

  • Noche Magica

    Noche Magica

    Las tunas Latinas.

  • Nocturnal Frequencies

    Nocturnal Frequencies
  • Radio Nicopisa

    Radio Nicopisa

    Radio Nicopisa features an eclectic mix of music with a ’no genre’ format that showcases songs, musicians, singer-songwriters, Dj’s, producers and record labels that are on my favorite list; a […]

  • Retro Red-Eye Express

    Retro Red-Eye Express

    Retro Red-Eye Express airs Saturdays from 10pm – 1am, featuring: New Wave, 80s Alternative, Post-Punk, Gothic/Industrial, 90s Electronic, 70s Punk, some Glam Rock, and new music influenced by the above. […]

  • Rhythm and Seoul Radio

    Rhythm and Seoul Radio

    안녕하세요! Welcome to Rhythm & Seoul Radio, bringing your favorite songs from the heart of Seoul to the heart of Kansas City. Here you will enjoy the best K-pop music […]

  • River Trade Radio

    River Trade Radio

    River Trade Radio is an on-air radio program dedicated to the song trade routes that flow through Kansas City. Featuring Real! Live! Touring and local guests in-studio, as well as […]

  • Rockabilly Mood Swing

    Rockabilly Mood Swing

    Kansas City Rockabilly Radio since 1999!!! The ROCKABILLY MOOD SWING show is a revved-up trip down the rockabilly speedway! With the occasional detour to boppin’ hillbilly, jump blues, psychobilly, early […]

  • Roots-Wise Reggae

    Roots-Wise Reggae

    The Roots-Wise Reggae music program features Reggae music and global roots music from all over the planet. The show is an informative journey that explores and honors reggae and African […]

  • Sad Music For Sad Boys

    Sad Music For Sad Boys
  • Seasoned Beats

    Seasoned Beats

    “Seasoned Beats” is a taste-makers program and aural experience focused on vinyl records & original analog audio sources from antique & modern recordings. Unique blends of Funk, Northern Soul, Motown, […]

  • Second Set

    Second Set

    Rick and DJ Timmy play music from the Dead family.

  • Signal to Noise

    Signal to Noise

    Free-form radio inspired by the free-form experiments of underground radio in the mid to late 60s, although I play much more than just rock and roll. This program is dedicated […]

  • Siren Song

    Siren Song

    Siren Song is a mix of eclectic music and interviews with a focus on inclusive eco-feminism, decolonization, Queer viewpoints and other biophilia. Spotlighting local, national and international artists that identify […]

  • slAp trAcks

    slAp trAcks

    A fresh new flow of Hip Hop and R & B music from all over the local streets and the world. Listen to live performances in studio and over the […]

  • Smooth Jazzin’ In The Early Morning

    The Smooth Jazzin’ In The Early Morning Show features music from the smooth jazz and new urban jazz genre. Music from different countries, gender and backgrounds are explored. Spins from […]

  • Soul Child Radio

    Soul Child Radio

    Welcome to Soul Child Radio, where good vibes flow on the airwaves. Nicolette Paige, aka Soul Child, is not only the owner, founder, and Priestess of Soul Child Awakenings but […]

  • Soul Dancin’

    Soul Dancin’

    Soul Dancin’ with Fessa’ John Hook Although the primary focus of the show is Dance music, Soul Dancin’ presents dance music with particular qualities. Freestyle dances (i.e. improvisational) Couples touch-dances […]

  • Sunday Morning Musical Mashup

    Sunday Morning Musical Mashup

    A potpourri of musical genres from multiple musical eras — specializing in themed shows and taking requests when you call 816.931.5534 (KKFI), with your host Patrick Lloyd. Patrick has been […]

  • Sunset Reggae

    Sunset Reggae

    Sunset Reggae has been on the air since 1993, broadcasting reggae music. I had forgotten the length of time until Mojo from Morgan Heritage called in for an interview and […]

  • Taste of Tejano

    Taste of Tejano

    Continuing the tradition started 28 years ago in Kansas City, Tommy Andrade is playing the best Tejano music north of Texas. Please feel free to drop me a line or […]

  • The Energy and Jams Night Show

    The Energy and Jams Night Show

    Hiphop, artist interviews!

  • The Local Wave

    The Local Wave

    The Local Wave plays Kansas city artists first and foremost, tending towards artists not already on the radio other places/signed to any recording label. Host Dylan Peace and Dustin Ingersoll […]

  • The Midtown Lounge

    The Midtown Lounge

    Welcome to “The Midtown Lounge,” the ultimate radio show dedicated to the best blues, rock, funk, soul, and jazz while also paying tribute to the legends! This show takes you […]

  • The Mixtape with Marisa

    The Mixtape with Marisa

    The Mixtape with Marisa is a blended variety of music tailored to be the soundtrack of your day.  You may hear something you’ve loved that you haven’t heard in years, […]

  • The Pipeline

    The Pipeline is a Rock n’ Roll radio show that airs Saturday nights from 1 – 4 am and is hosted by Colin Doyle.  Aside from your weekly dose of […]

  • The Real Deal

    The Real Deal

    “The Real Deal” is a free-form FM radio show just like it used to be in the late 60’s and early 70’s! Mike mixes the Oldies and Garage Rock from […]

  • The Tasty Brew

    The Tasty Brew

    “The Tasty Brew” is an eclectic mix of roots music formed by the shared and varied traditions that make up the American musical melting pot that are merged from folk, […]

  • The Totally Throwback Thursday Show

    The Totally Throwback Thursday Show

    Take a journey into “The Totally Throwback Thursday Show”. The show generates an upbeat tone dedicated to several genres of Throwback music.  New Wave, Funk, Rock and Roll, Soul and […]

  • The Wednesday Morning Buzz

    The Wednesday Morning Buzz

    Here is a sample of what you will hear on “Your Morning Buzz” with Steve Stemmerman. The Wednesday Morning Buzz melds rock, folk, blues, country, r&b, reggae, zydeco, jazz etc. […]

  • Thursday Overnight Show

    Thursday Overnight Show

    A musical variety with a variety of hosts.

  • Tuesday MidDay Medley

    The Tuesday MidDay Medley is a mix of Jazz-Fusion, “Funk” (not funk!) and old school R&B with an emphasis on bands with tight rhythm sections and dynamic horn sections. The […]

  • Tuesday Morning Buzz

    Tuesday Morning Buzz

    Music variety.

  • Under the Radar

    Under the Radar

    The phrase, “under the radar,” literally means to go without attracting notice; in an undetected or secretive manner. But don’t let the title of John Todd’s radio program fool you. […]

  • UpFront Soul

    UpFront Soul

    If you want your soul… get it UpFront! Producer and host Sanguine Fromage, WERU dj since 2005, serves up a weekly blend of funk, soul, and jazz, plus sprinklings of […]

  • Vital Vibrations

    Vital Vibrations

    Vital Vibrations plays music to uplift, inspire, and send love with vibrations that are vital to your soul. We will play the best of reggae, rock, soul, hip-hop, rnb, and […]

  • Wednesday MidDay Medley

    Wednesday MidDay Medley

    Wednesday MidDay Medley is produced and hosted by Mark Manning. Tim Finn, Music Writer for The Kansas City Star and Ink, wrote that Wednesday MidDay Medley was the “Best Place […]

  • Wilderness Road

    Wilderness Road

    Featuring lesser known and unusual tracks; local, national, and international artists; new and old music including music you might have missed. Interviews to dig deep into the background and history […]

  • World Sound Radio

    World Sound Radio

    World Sound Radio provides a window on the world of popular and traditional music not heard on other broadcast media in the Kansas City area. It also provides a unique […]

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