“Odd Look” (Remix) ft. The Weeknd- Kavinsky

Back in February, French electronic artist Kavinsky (best known for contributing the song “Nightcall” to the Drive Soundtrack) released the sorely under-appreciated Outrun, an album long narrative of a half-man/half-machine who makes music. The album had much of the same appeal as the Drive Soundtrack itself, slinking late-night numbers riding right alongside cuts coated in 80s nostalgia. For his next trick, Kavinsky is releasing an EP of remixes of “Odd Look,” which is scheduled to drop in August and features appearances by Fools Gold founder and DJ A-Trak, recent M.I.A. collaborator Surkin, and The Weeknd. Tesfaye’s Jacksonesque quivering is perfect for the track’s blustery electronic beat, which wouldn’t have to put up much of a fight for rotation at any 80s night club. Lyrically, The Weeknd’s hedonistic indulgences are as prevalent as ever, promising to put “guilt in the grin of a good girl,” and consuming enough drinks to forgo any geographic knowledge. On “Nightcall” Kavinsky wanted to show you “where it’s dark,” with this remix The Weeknd’s granted his wish.


Listen here

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