Live at Ven’s House: Micah Schnabel, Slow Motion Commotion and Ven Smith

Dead Ven one of the proprietors of local label, Money Wolf Music hosted a house show featuring:  Micah Schnabel, and Slow Motion Commotion with Ven performing a short opening set.  The unplugged show was set in the dining room with 15-20 odd individuals gathered around.

Dead Ven opened the evening with a set of blue collar folk, heavy on working class issues of unemployment, death, loss and life.  Following Ven, Slow Motion Commotion performed heavily bluegrass and roots infused tunes.  Micah Schnabel of Two Cow Garage ended the evening with songs featuring heavy themes of incarceration, mental health, and loss that put a poignant end to a great night of music.

Dead Ven

AUDIO: Dead Ven


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Slow Motion Commotion

AUDIO: Slow Motion Commotion


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Micah Schnabel

AUDIO: Micah Schnabel



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