Listener Comments on KKFI’s 25th Anniversary

KKFI 90.1 FM celebrated its 25th year on-air on February 28, 2013. Here are some supporter’s comments about the impact of KKFI on the lives of listeners.

Hawk Jones – What an amazing accomplishment, kiddos, kudos.

Davina Anne Gabriel – I remember it! I’m so glad you’re still around. You’ve greatly enriched my life.

Doug Harvey – Kansas City should be proud and grateful for KKFI!

Judith Ward – Congrats for still holding the line on educating and informing the public after many struggles. So proud to be a supporter of KKFI.

Emilie Vardaman – I loved KKFI before it was on air. I loved being a part and eventually having a program. I STILL love KKFI and listen on line. One of the hardest parts of leaving KC was leaving KKFI and the wonderful people.

Anne Mahoneyl – Oh yes,I remember it well…congrats and thank you!

Martha Blayney Gonzalez – Congratulations!!!

Angela Garrett-Carmack – We love you. What an amazing privilege for us here in the KC area!!!

Suzi Fichman – You guys rock!! and talk, and techno, and all that jazz!

Chuck Pisano – Congratulations to a wonderful radio station. Long live KKFI and thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of it for 13 years…

Gwyn Collier – Wendy Rocks!!!! [about host of Edged in Blue]

David Loftus – Keep up the good work.

Michele Harris – In honor of Sunshine’s great show last night with Guest DJ Harold DJ Red 5 !

Mark Hastert – I really enjoy the jazz & blues

Gene Goldman – Love the Blues Kitchen.

Jim Graham – Shout out to my Higginsville homeboy, Junebug! [host of Blues Kitchen]

Martha Bostick – Grew up in KC, love the station, sorry my schedule doesn’t allow me to listen more.  We now live outside Philly.  We have a great NPR station – even Junebug liked it when he lived here.  They just finished their pledge drive where they were regularly begging for $10,000 in a five minute pledge break.  I kept thinking what you guys could do with that kind of money.   Happy to do my part, sorry it can’t be more.

Debra Stokes – KKFI is the Best!!

Gregory Utz – I love KKFI, became a serious listener in the last 6 months. Never go away! In the future I’ll be donating more, but this is all I can afford. Thanks to EVERYONE for making quality local radio happen.

John Nestor – Love all the programs!

Kevin Bunch – I love this station and the variety you offer!

Laura M – We absolutely love KKFI & listen daily.. Every night there is something different and interesting & all shows are equally awesome, I listen to a wide range of your programs. I cannot stand the crap on the radio and never change the station from 90.1.. I appreciate everything this radio station does & had to make a contribution even though I can’t afford much. Thanks for all you do!

Trynnel (you can call me “T”) Ragsdale – I just happened across your station one Saturday morning on my way to recycle bottles and paper with my dog, Jesus (pronounced Hey Soos).  The Blues Kitchen was on.  Awesome!!  So I kept the car radio tuned to 90.1, and I have listened every morning on the way into the city to work, at lunch if I go out, and on the way back home.  Saturday morning recycling will never be the same for Soos and me.  A HUGE Thank You to all of you volunteers who donate your love of music and your time to make our listening experiences unmatched with others’ “run of the mill” stations.  I will be proud to advertise with your T-shirt, and ever since I stumbled upon your station that day, I have been singing your praises (albeit off key) to everyone I talk to about music.  Thanks, again.

Dawn Ratliff – Thank you for the great 60’s oldies. I dance in my car all the way to work.

Robert Cromwell – My favorite program is Democracy Now, bringing a progressive perspective to the news.

Coleen & Erik Voeks – Mark Manning and the Wednesday Midday Medley is one of the true treasures of KC…the local music community would be a much poorer place without his tireless enthusiasm.

Phillip Montgomery – I’ve been listening and donating to KKFI since  Wendy was doing the Morning Buzz every morning.  It’s fabulous that the Kansas City area has this jewel of a radio station. My hat is off to all the great volunteers that make it possible.

Bill Pryor – Keep it up–this area would really suck without KKFI.

Joe & Corliss Jacobs – Way to go….more $ to come later in the year!

Beverly Jaderborg – Keep up the great work!

Dawn Ratliff – Go Kittens. [Voodoo Kittens Road Trippin Blues show]

Ray Wheeler – I’m also a regular listener to Beale Street Caravan and I discovered Law and Disorder this morning.

Conni Nevius – You guys might consider offering some v-neck t-shirts for the ladies….at least this lady prefers the v-neck.  Thanks.  And thanks for great programming!

Anonymous – I appreciate the exposure I get to new music from KKFI. Thank you.

Kevin Peery – We love Diana Griffin Ennis the Tasty Brew!!!

Matthew Hayden – We absolutely love and support KKFI !!!

Brian Kroll – I love the High Voltage Rock n Roll Show…and they are open to playing bands from around the world, which makes Kansas City accessible to the world 🙂 regards from Long Island, New York

Philip B – I love KKFI for (1) Rockabilly Mood Swing (big shoutout to Lynne and the Moondog!!) and (2) for your great progressive news programs and labor news. THANK YOU for broadcasting Democracy Now and the other progressive news shows, as well as local bands and the fantastic rockabilly show.

SlimJim Nel –  “I look forward to Friday nights with KKFI.

Lisa Scott – We love us some Rockabilly Mood Swing!

Maggie Riggs – I was surprised to see how many shows I have not listened to YET!  Every donation I have made to KKFI thru the years has been emotional for me.  For those minutes I think of how much I have received from KKFI in so many ways.  I am blessed with information to make equitable choices with my life and resources, thanks to KKFI, and their welcoming ways bring the most interesting people into the studio.  You are family.

Jessica Thomas – Man, I love you guys… Keep up the good work!

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