Larry Cruse, Host of “Larry’s Freakout” Show on KKFI, Passed Away

Larry Cruse, host of "Larry's Freakout"KKFI is saddened to report that Larry Cruse, host of Larry’s Freakout on Saturday mornings, has passed away suddenly.

Larry’s sister shared these thoughts with KKFI family and friends:

My dear brother, Larry, passed away today. They believe that he had a heart attack. He was driving just a block from his home and ran into a parked car. He was not going fast so has no injuries or bruises. The medics said that he was gone when they got there. He was taken to the ER at KUMed where his sons, his sisters, and other family gathered around him and each other. A part of me is gone. He was just about my strongest connection on this earth. We’d been together the longest as siblings – through childhood trauma, his many health issues, and a love for many things in common.

Condolences to his family and friends. More details as they become available.

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