KKFI Recognizes Chandra Graves, Volunteer-of-the-Month for May

Chandra Graves, Writer

“I consider it a privilege to write for KKFI because I share the station’s philosophy concerning serving the community, which extends to the world, making it a better place for all,” Chandra Graves said recently about her volunteer experience at KKFI.

Chandra Graves was selected as volunteer of the month for May. Her countless hours at the station writing and editing program descriptions and programmer profiles helped build the brand new KKFI 90.1 FM website. Her cheerful attitude and sincere interest in the station and radio personalities brightened up the station and showed in her writing for the site. She also shared her voice on-air reading for public service announcements.

Chandra resides in Kansas City and has a degree in sociology. She has served as a science writer and has an interest in astrophysics and screenwriting!

Thank you, Chandra!


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