Jen Zaman: Volunteer of the Month

Jen Zaman

KKFI values all volunteers for their vital service to community radio, and the station occasionally recognizes people for exceptional efforts.

In March KKFI recognized Jen Zaman as the Volunteer of the Month for March 2013 for her work to create dozens of program episodes for the website, serve in our reception area helping visitors, and answer phones. Thank you, Jen, for your support of Kansas City community radio.

Here’s a little bit about Jen in her own words:

I am a former court advocate and aesthetician. Radio is my third “incarnation,” if you will. I had a radio show all through college while I attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, and always considered radio to be a “pipe dream career”–something I enjoyed and was good at, but something I’d probably never get to do. My degree was in psychology, not journalism/media.

I was drawn to both KKFI and community radio because of its eclectic nature and that really, “anything goes”! Anything is possible on community radio; for me, that means getting airplay for music that people out here in Kansas City might never otherwise get exposed to. To me, community radio is a great way for us “laypeople” to have a chance at a career in radio and to learn practically while on the job. I’m having an absolutely ridiculous blast so far!

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