“Hold On We’re Going Home”- Drake

Outside of Kanye West, Drake is the rapper most capable of going from unparalleled cockiness to soul crushing self-doubt. Any sense of the braggadocio Drake took to uncharted territory earlier this year with “5 AM In Toronto” vanishes in the night when the soft disco walk of “Hold On We’re Going Home” steps forward. The muscular bass booms from the speaker, but Drake still can’t lift all this weight alone. His Spartan ego still has its Achilles heel and it’s on full display here: “I can’t get over you, you left your mark on me, I want your high love and emotion endlessly.” He proposes “going home” to be alone with the girl that caught his eye, though it reads as more of a stop-gap than a long-term solution. If this is in fact an official single off of Nothing Was The Same (as has been reported), we’re getting “Drake featuring Drake.” One the opulent party-host, the other coat half on hiding in the corner; looking for the first chance to leave.

Listen here and look Nothing Was The Same to drop September 17.

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