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popup-winter-fund-drive-2015-tshirt-320x480KKFI sends a gracious “Thank You” to some of the hundreds of supporters who donated to the Winter Fund Drive, including:

Matt Diel, Jessica Piedra, Stan Williams, Ann Nelson, Larry Klingele, Andrew Sarafian, Linda VanBibber, Jeremy McClain, Elizabeth Andersen, Robert Cromwell, Allen Arias, Allen Arias, Kontroles Machete, Gina Egan, Cheryl Barnes, Trynnel Ragsdale, Sarah Lammers, Mauva Steward, Kevin Peery, Cheryl Wheeler, Wayne Williams, Jeff Murray, Janice Matthews, Roxann Kinkade, Carla Akins, Connie Mistler Davidson, Becky Lillicotch, Monica Espinosa, Patricia Goodwin, and Elaine McMilian.

KKFI is a radio station run by volunteers who have devoted themselves to bringing you the best music, arts, cultural, and public affairs radio programming. KKFI radio hosts bring voices and stories about Kansas City and our world to you.

The music aired is local and vibrant in genres you rarely hear anywhere else on the radio dial — reggae, bluegrass, hip-hop, folk, blues, and jazz.

Join with other listeners to voice your support to KKFI  by making DONATION TODAY.

We couldn’t say it any better than our listeners.

  • Matt Diel from Columbia: I like the Rockabilly show.
  • Jessica Piedra from Kansas City: Donating in honor of the hard work Judy Ancel does on Heartland Labor Forum. Great show!
  • Stan Williams from Shawnee: Who needs satellite radio when you have KKFI. Every music genre one could want with a format that provides a platform for cutting edge and new artists.
  • Ann Nelson from Overland Park: I love your radio station, it’s so important to our democracy to have a way to get this information to people, Thank you all for doing what you do!
  • Allen Arias from Kansas City: A BIG THANK YOU to Jorge, Lupita and Jessie! Un gran abrazo para Jorge, Lupita y Jessie! VIVA Breaking Thru Darkness!!!
  • Cheryl Barnes from Kansas City: I appreciate the diversity of opinions and voices on KKFI. I especially appreciate Every Woman–it seems to me that we are once again fighting for basic human rights that are unique to women, a struggle from the 1970s. This year the League of Women Voters of Kansas City will celebrate 95 years of working to make democracy work for everyone. So as we celebrate another year for KKFI, we’ll celebrate one of many nonprofit organizations working for society. Thanks for making everyone heard.
  • Sarah Lammers from Merriam: Love Diana [Diana Linn with the Tasty Brew show] – you make my Tuesday!
  • Mauva Steward from Gardner: Love my Tuesday morning drive with Diana Linn!
  • Cheryl Wheeler: Diana Linn is my fave 🙂
  • Janice Matthews Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: This contribution is mainly in support of Every Woman, Morning Buzz with Mike Murphy and River Trade Radio. You have listeners around the world. For instance, I’m in Nova Scotia, Canada. As ever, thank you, Sharon, Mike & Kasey/Mikal for helping make this bumpy road of existence a bit smoother. Love you guys 🙂
  • Roxann Kinkade: What a treat! Very much enjoyed Mike’s Friday night show.
  • Carla Akins from Kansas City: Keep up the great work!
  • Monica Espinosa: Thanks for having awesome shows like my favorite Retro Redeye Express with DJ Sunshine! ! 🙂
  • Elaine McMilian from Kansas City: I listen to Wednesday Midday Medley, Jazz In the Afternoon-Jeff Harshbarger, Artspeak, Foolkiller, Thursday Night Special, Womansong, The Tenth Voice, Signal To Noise, and various other shows. Love you!

Make your donation today by calling 888-931-0901 or donate online at

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