KKFI FEEDBACK — Thanks for Listening

We can not be the Voice of the Community without your voice letting us know what you want.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  These messages and/or recording maybe used by KKFI on the air, or in print, to share your support of Community Radio.

2018 is KKFI’s 30th anniversary! And we would love to hear from you.
What can we do to serve our community in the best way possible.


Comments, and feedback on existing programs, and/or what kind of shows would you like hear streaming right here at or on the FM Dial at 90.1FM

  • Call 816.994.7878 and record a message for us
  • Email
  • Fill out the form below (Select Feedback)



We are are looking for your story.  KKFI talks to you all the time, your turn to talk back!
In 30 years on the air, we know we’ve had an effected on your life.  Please tell us how.

  • Call 816.994.7876 and record a message for us
  • Email
  • Scroll down to fill out the form below.


Were you married on the air?  Did you learn more about the political scene in our area? Did you get a gig because your music was played here?  Does you love a specific program? Did your Guest DJ turn into a show?  How many concerts have you learned about because we are here?

Whatever your reasons for listening, we want to hear about them.

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