“Coming Through” ft. Cat Power- Willis Earl Beal

“A lot of people think that the lives they lead are the truth, they think that what they believe is the truth, they think that what they see is the truth”, Chicago soul-singer Willis Earl Beal knowingly declares over a quaking tambourine and unfettered drum figure on new song “Coming Through”. Past singles “Everything unwinds.” and “Too Dry To Cry” from the soon to be released Nobody knows. largely abandoned the lo-fi production of Beal’s past efforts, proving the tape hiss wasn’t an aesthetic choice so much as a necessity. This latest effort continues the trend, as Beal’s warmth is matched only by the glistening guitar lines and guest Chan Marshall’s understated backing vocals. The sunny day grooves Beal unravels risk blotting out by: “righteous indignation, blind dedication, and a steadily diminishing heart.” But Beal remains unfazed, tenderly muttering in the outro “don’t worry about it baby, everything’s going to be okay.” The truth will set you free and Beal’s already been released.

Nobody knows. is out 9/10 via XL and you can also see Beal in the upcoming film Memphis which he wrote and recorded the soundtrack for. Listen here for “Coming Through”.


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