Bootsy Collins at Voodoo Lounge

I had the awesome privilege of getting to go over to the Voodoo Lounge on Nov 22 to see the Bootsy Collins and his Rubber Band show.  It was incredible to finally get to see the one last member of Parliament I never had seen perform live before.  The show consisted of a 1 1/2 hour set touching on Bootsy hits as well as several P-Funk tunes.  In addition they threw in a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Changes”.

“Bootzilla” or “Casper the Funky Ghost” as he is also known has over-the-top wild style and an incredible grin that beams when he plays.  It’s really impossible not to have a good time at a Bootsy show and his musicianship with the bass is second to none.  Flanking both sides of the drummer and stage were stacks of Mesa Boogie cabinets with the signature star logo across the front.  The bass shook the Voodoo Lounge when the first notes came across the PA and didn’t stop until Bootsy said so.It was a great opportunity to finally catch this legend in the flesh and one I’ll not soon forget.

Here’s images from the show and a partial set list:
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“The Name is Bootsy, Baby”
“Mothership Connection”
“Groove is in the Heart”
“Don’t Take My Funk Away”
“Body Slam”
“I’d Rather Be With You”
“Give Up The Funk”
“Touch Somebody”
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