Announcing a new website for KKFI 90.1 FM radio listeners and supporters

We’re very excited to present to you the brand-new KKFI 90.1 FM website — It’s redesigned and updated with more information about the radio shows you care about.

Now it’s easier for you to get information about the musical themes, public affairs topics and guests, as well as updates on cultural and arts programming on upcoming programs.

So here’s what you can expect on the new website:

  • More information about weekly radio shows. We’ve got 100 individual radio shows, including locally-produced public affairs and music shows, as well as award-winning nationally-syndicated shows and news shorts. We’ll post program notes to the home page when we have feature programming, and many producers will be sharing program notes directly on the website.
  • Bold, new look. With the help of Fox Web Creations, we’ve put together a stunning new look for KKFI listeners and supporters. Look for plenty of photos and illustrations from volunteer community artists and photographers.
  • Podcasts and archives. We promise to deliver a way for you to listen to your favorite news and public affairs shows when you want it and where you want it. Listen to public affairs podcasts on the web, on your computer or mobile device. Download and share the show.
  • Community-driven. Did you expect anything else from KKFI? We selected WordPress, an open-source, community-developed web platform. This has allowed the station to develop a site with functions shared freely by the website community. This reflects the spirit and values of KKFI.
  • Interactive. We want to hear from you! One way is provide feedback on the website articles and information – comment directly on the website.

We think the new site looks great-and we’d love to have you pay us a visit.

So check out the new today — and keep up with all the latest station activities and events by liking us on Facebook.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to your visit to

7 responses to “Announcing a new website for KKFI 90.1 FM radio listeners and supporters”

  1. No more song lists from previous week’s play? Many times I don’t catch the name of the artist when the show host names the tune and rely on this to go back and research. I’m gonna miss this!

    • Penny – You can view song lists (playlists) from previous weeks by browsing to the program and clicking on the week in the “Recent Playlist.” Let us know if that works for you. Thanks.

  2. I like the new website! Very professional looking and very easy to navigate. Congrats 90.1FM on a job well done!

  3. Is there a way that people can be encouraged to make remarks
    about the public affairs programs on the web site ?

    Also, would it violate the KKFI licence if it sold ads on its web site ?

    • Rich – Are you asking if KKFI can promote the “comments” function? I agree – that’s a great idea. If KKFI listeners posted comments directly on the site, then station staff members and producer-programmers could connect with listeners.

      To my knowledge, community and public radio stations are not bound by FCC advertising regulations on websites the same way they are for on-air broadcasting. In other words, I think community and public radio stations can sell advertising on their websites — KKFI still sees this as underwriting support. (Matt Q)

  4. I would love to have RSS feeds with headlines / summaries and links to individual items (Music, Public Affairs, Arts & Culture, etc). That would allow me to view the summaries on my SmartPhone and browse directly into the areas I have interest it. Much faster and more reader focused rather than trying to visit the site frequently and browse the various categories to see if there’s anything they want to know more about.

    Great station! Mike

    • Thanks for sharing the suggestion, Mike. We’re working on some changes for the site for later this year. The changes include podcasting for some of the local public affairs programs with a feed function, RSS feeds on the program episodes, improved mobile site versions, and an improved event calendar. Keep listening! (Matt Q)

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