Bylaws and Policies

You can read the full legal bylaws for KKFI 90.1 FM (Mid-Coast Radio Project).

To read the bylaws, you must have Adobe Acrobat. You can download it here for free.

Mission Statement

KKFI is the Kansas City area’s independent, noncommercial community radio station. We seek to stimulate, educate and entertain our audience, to reflect the diversity of the local and world community, and to provide a channel for individuals and groups, issues and music that have been overlooked, suppressed or under-represented by other media.

KKFI’s Philosophy Statement

KKFI is committed to diversity in programming and discourse and seeks to create a climate of mutual respect and collaboration among volunteers and staff.

KKFI Code of Conduct

KKFI maintains a that staff, volunteers and guests will honor this Code of Conduct policy.  Violations of this policy should be reported to management via the KKFI Incident Report.

KKFI Discipline Policy

This KKFI Discipline policy is aimed at the enforcement and implementation of the following KKFI and regulatory policies and rules. This policy applies to all KKFI volunteers, although some of the rules apply to programmers only.

KKFI Animal Policy

The KKFI Animal Policy spells out permissions for animals on KKFI premises.

KKFI Conflict of Interest Policy

The Conflict of Interest Policy is to protect the integrity of the KKFI decision-making process, to enable our stakeholders to have confidence in our integrity, and to protect the integrity and reputation of our board members, officers and staff.

KKFI Whistleblower Policy

This policy is to encourage KKFI employees, volunteers, agents and contractors to disclose any malpractice or misconduct (whistle blowing) of which they become aware and to provide protection for such persons who report allegations of such malpractice or misconduct.

KKFI COVID-19 Policy

The KKFI Emergency Council has updated the KKFI COVID POLICY  effective Jan 16 2022.

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