Macabre Halloween at Knuckleheads’ Garage

Back on Halloween, the My Brothers and Sisters hosted an evening of music at Knuckleheads’ Garage featuring a number of performers including: Jessica Paige, Calvin Arsenia, Sarah Tannehill Anderson, and Christian Robinson.

The show included a number of classic horror movie soundtracks and themes performed by members of My Brothers and Sisters with about a 10 piece wind, brass and string ensemble accompanying.  Each song had video clips of the movie cut to match.  It was quite well done.

One of the highlights of the night was Sarah Tannehill Anderson performing the Diva Plava Laguna opera number from the Fifth Element.  It was really, really impressive.

To be frank, each vocalist that performed during the evening was incredibly talented.  The musical arrangements were well done and the visuals were well executed.  My main criticism was the time between numbers, it didn’t have a steady flow that really kept things moving.

However, all in all it was good show featuring something out of the ordinary done by highly talented musicians from all over Kansas City.  Cheers!







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