Coda: Peculiar Pretzelmen, Love Tusk and Wink Burcham

Recently Coda hosted a fine night of music featuring the Peculiar Pretzelmen out of LA, Love Tusk from KC and Wink Burcham up from Oklahoma.

Burcham is a country singer-songwriter who was accompanied by slide guitar and electric guitar. He opened the show with a low key set of somber country tunes and a soulful croon.

Following Burcham, was the featured act of the evening the Peculiar Pretzelmen. I describe the Pretzelmen as Tom Waits on acid driving a speeding train. It’s a cacophonous sound complete with improvised percussion of every variety and lots of DIY guitars. Lead singer Kevin Incroyable utilizes every sound you can imagine from bullhorns to pots and pans, to film can guitars. It’s something you have to see to believe but this duo puts on great show.

Rounding out the evening was KC’s own Love Tusk. The rock and roll sound lead by Tommy Donoho played a set of tunes about Robot love, Meryl Streep and other assorted topics.

Check out the images:


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