2012 Fall Fund Drive – October 4-14 – “It’s a Matter of Trust”

A Message from KKFI’s President

Trust. It’s a simple word and a fairly simple concept on the surface. But if you think about it, trust isn’t that simple.

The sun will rise, the earth will turn. The seasons will change. You trust these things to happen, and you don’t have to do anything.

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Then there’s a different kind of trust – the trust we earn from one another. That trust must be maintained in order for it to continue to exist.

It might seem that KKFI 90.1 FM belongs in the first kind of trust. It’s there for you every day, bringing you unrivaled coverage of news, ideas, and perspectives you don’t hear anywhere else.

But when you think about it a bit more, KKFI really belongs with the second kind of trust.

By broadcasting relevant, accurate, and timely news and public-affairs programming each day, KKFI is committed to our mission – to keep earning your trust by providing news and information that values fact over speculation and depth and truth over getting the story on the air quickly.

We’re grateful that you put your trust in us, and we put just as much trust in you. The financial support of listeners is KKFI’s most important source of revenue. As KKFI plans our budget for each year, we trust listeners will continue to do their part to enable the news, commentary, and music to continue to meet your high expectations.

Our Fall Fund Drive runs through Sunday, October 14. It’s an opportunity to speak directly to listeners about KKFI and our mission to be your trusted source. Like you, we want to get back to uninterrupted programming as quickly as possible. Your gift today will help KKFI get that much closer to the goal of finishing the drive successfully and generating the resources required to maintain your trust in KKFI’s public-affairs and music programming.

You can trust your gift will go directly to helping KKFI create and broadcast the programs important to you.

We appreciate the confidence and trust you place in KKFI. Please take a moment right now and contribute online at KKFI.org, or call 888-931-0901, and thank you!





Kathy Peters
Board of Directors

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